Aktion portofrei

bis zum 12.12.2022 können Stoffe und Nähzubehör innerhalb Deutschlands portofrei beim roten Faden bestellt werden (ab 25,-€, darunter ermäßigtes Porto).

Angebot des Monats Dezember: Mantelvelours Wolle

Our new webshop is online

the time has come: finally our new web shop starts.

After 18 months of intensive work, we look forward to not only being able to introduce you to a fresh design, but also many new features that will improve your shopping experience:

-        An intelligent search that increasingly optimizes itself over time. Many filter functions that beginners as well as professionals bring to their goal faster.

-        Different navigation options in the categories.

-        A mobile appearance where shopping via a smartphone is fun If you have too short password, the shop will ask you to enter a new one and send a confirmation email. We are happy to help you with problems.


-        Telephone: Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. TelNo +49 241-4013221

-        Shop opening times: Monday to Friday, 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Our new web shop is not yet perfect at the start, here and there is further need for adjustment. If you find mistakes in the web shop, wish other filters and search functions, find processes cumbersome or have other suggestions, please send us an email, we look forward to every feedback. You help us to make the shop even more application -friendly for you.


Your Team from Der Rote Faden

Modestoffe Herbst/Winter

Romanit-Jerseys und Strickstoffe für den Winter

Raffaela: Rock für Silvester

für die Silvester-Party: hier findet ihr das kostenlose Tutorial  für diesen schnell genähten gerafften Rock

elastischer Samt

passend zum gerafften Rock gibt es den Stretchsamt , in vielen Farben, hochwertig + schwer

Our standard fabrics and sewing accessories