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basic fabrics

basics: unicoloured / plain fabrics, cut goods, most colours on stock, long term availability.

Lana cotta/boiled wool, linen, linen stretch, silk, jersey, woollen jersey, fleece, wellness fleece, nicky, velvet,
satin, chiffon, tulle, bouclé, velours, jeans, jogging, canvas, micro "trench-coat"/peach skin,
fabric for winter coats, gabardine, curdoroy, poplin, dancing/swimwear fabrics, lace (also stretchy).

Matching appellation of colours describes largely identical colours.
Please notice that certain fabrics/laces/ribbons tend to bleed; especially darker colours into lighter ones.
Make sure you mainly use fabrics of different compositions (cotton/viscose in the one, polyestre fibre in the other one)
 when using different colours in one piece. Before employing fabrics, we ask you to do a test of washing all material
since we will not take responsibility for consequential damage.

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