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Shipping & Returns

We deliver within the EU. By "domestic" we refer to Germany

Orders should be paid in advance via bank account or by PayPal

When paying in advance, you can receive the goods without delay if you send us an e-mail or fax the bank receipt. Unless all ordered items are in stock, the delivery time depends on the ordered item with the longest delivery time. For desired partial delivery additional shipping costs may apply.


We ship by post and DHL and freight stations, where you can pick up packets for free any time. Cash is payable on packing stations by debit card.

1.1Retail customers

All prices include the legal VAT of 19%.Net prices are only displayed if there are special access prices or for commercial shipping addresses in Switzerland and other non-EU countries.

When ordering by shipping in Germany the following applies are valid:

Up to a value of 200 , - €, the delivery costs will be paid by the customer. Up to € 21, - value of goods we ship basically uninsured (letter ) for € 3.30 .However, we reserve the right to send the goods as a package if it does not fit into an envelope. From 25, - € will be sent as a package at an estimated shipping cost of 4.95 € .From a value of 200 , - € will be delivered free of charge within Germany .

This discounted package is only valid for online store order, as is the low limit for postage costs. If ordering by phone, e-mail, fax or in our store the increased postage rates are: 6,90 € and postage-free delivery from 250,- €

In case of cash on delivery the shipping costs rise to € 4.50 and another 2, - € to be paid to the delivery service.

1.2 Commercial Customers

Sales to commercial customers, as well as the publication of a price list for commercial customers (fashion studios, change tailors, clothing manufacturers, resellers, etc.) takes place only on presentation of a valid relevant business registration. You can send us a copy by fax , letter or send email. This does not include carnival clubs, theaters, public institutions, advertising agencies and freelance designers.


When ordering by shipping and acc. price list the following applies:


Up to an order value of € 168.06 net, the shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

Up to a value of € 17.64 net we ship, if not specified otherwise , uninsured (letter) for € 2.77 net . However, the commercial customer bears the risk of loss.

We reserve the right to send the goods as a package if it does not fit into an envelope.

From a value of € 17.64 we will ship the goods as a package for € 4.16 net price .

From a value of € 168.06 net shipping is free of charge. This does not apply to any subsequent deliveries.

Please note : the low shipping fee and limit for shipping-free delivery is only valid for online store order. In conventional order shipping costs of € 6.90 gross (5.80 € netto) apply , the delivery is only from 250, - € ( € 210.08 net) free of postage.

For special orders and agreements: shipping price according to weight .

Delivery : New customers (the first three deliveries) will be supplied in advance or cash on delivery.

The delivery fee is 4.50 € inc. Payment via PayPal possible.

From the third order delivery against invoice (credit required) is possible (only for Germany).


2.1Within the EU Zone1 we provide a flat shipping cost of 12.90 incl VAT (eg Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Sweden, UK, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania). Free shipping to foreign countries is not possible. Other countries and modalities shows the shop on to a test order.

If you can prove a tax identification number, no VAT for materials and shipping costs are calculated.

2.1 Outside EU

We can also supply in non-EU countries . The costs are not stated in the online shop and must be obtained separately. The online shop can then be unlocked for your country , if the legal regulations in your country do not conflict with our terms and conditions. Please inform yourself beforehand about the customs fees, as we generally can not provide any information for this.

If you want a delivery in a non- EU country, please contact us. Please call or e-mail after you have logged in to our online shop, so we switch to VAT-exempt supply and check the delivery terms in your country.

Unless you run a delivery yourself into non-EU countries, which means that you do not take a transporter to complete but send us
- the proof of export from the customs
- the invoice with the original stamp of the customs (including name of the customs border office and date)
- as well as a copy of your passport with the foreign address of your permanent residence, we will charge for the VAT- reversal of invoices under 100 , - € net a handling fee of 10, - € . If the invoice amount is over 100 € net, processing is free.

In Switzerland, we will deliver to consumers for € 15.54 , since it is not an EU country, VAT-free. Determined by the delivery address (not the billing address). Please note that you have to pay the customs fees upon receipt of the goods: it is approximately 3% of value of goods including postage costs + 10, - € for the completion of customs formalities + 8 % import tax (VAT) .

Incase of letters, due to insignificance, there are no customs duties.

In summary, you will see the total shipping and modalities under "Shipping costs and payment conditions"

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