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Sewing thread epic of Coats, the world's leading supplier of sewing thread: highest quality (fineness, tensile strength) at a reasonable price, retail and wholesale.
This high-tech product made of polyester, which consists of a continuous filament and a "coat" of short stacks is - in contrast to basic thread - not rubbing on the sewing machine, which would lead to breaking when sewing. It is much more tear-resistant than cotton yarn with the same size, so that the standard yarn No.120 for sewing is an all-sufficient yarn for clothing, it is not shrinking (unlike cotton), will not stain, is lightfast and will not melt when ironing . Therefore ideally suited for all types of fabric (synthetic fibers, silk, linen, wool, cotton, etc.).

We offer in the standard sewing thread No.120 almost in 400 colors permanently from stock. We'll be pleased to send a free sample card for matching to the screen.
 Ökotex ZertifikatOur high-quality sewing thread is certified with the highest standard ÖkoTex 100+, it is produced under human ecological considerations, without using any banned chemicals and even no chemicals that are still allowed by law, but according to current knowledge can damage health.

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