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Neatening/overlocking thread

Neatening/overlocking thread
Neatening  (overlocking thread) is a less tear-resistant, low-cost version of the sewing thread.

Unless you take it only for serging the seams tear strength is not required. But even with the use of closing seams on stretch fabrics (eg T-shirts, sportswear) is the low tensile strength not a problem as far as you sew together the seams with an overlock machine, as the overlock stitch allows a high ductility so that the seam does not crack even at extremely stretchy fabrics.

     Our overlocking thread is certified with the label "Confidence in textiles / Oeko-Tex Standard 100", it is produced under human ecological considerations, without using any banned chemicals and even no chemicals law still allows, but which are harmful to health according to current knowledge.

As far as the color names are the same as in the yarns, fabrics or zippers, the colors match well.

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