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2way zipper

2way zipper
Zipper with two sliders divisible (X-form): for jackets and coats
Zipper with two sliders not divisible (O-form): for bags, backpacks and suitcases

Divisible, separable zippers for jackets, coats, dresses and blouses that are to be fully opened.

Please note that variations in color due to the screen display are possible. We are happy to send free of charge to the color chart.
The zippers similar thread colors have the same color name (not number).
Not sewn zippers are, if they were fully opened, for lack of leverage very difficult to mount again (so that both sides are flush below). To facilitate the zipper tape can be held with a pair of pliers (as a lever).

Zippers that are too long, can be shortened (from above) (). Cut above the zipper slider and remove with the side cutter some teeth. Place the end pieces and squeeze with pliers. In the online shop you can find also top end pieces (top stops).

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