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open end zippers

open end zippers
Divisible, separable/open end zippers for jackets, coats, dresses and blouses that are to be fully opened.
We sell high quality zippers from the company Rubi / Barcelona. The zippers are manufactured in the EU. In addition to a huge choice of colors Rubi / Barcelona always provides the highest quality: no aluminum sliders which wear out after a short time and do not close the zipper properly, well burred metal teeth for smooth operation and stability even at fine separable zippers and tear strength at invisible zippers. All the zippers are made without nickel.
         Our high-quality zippers are certified with the high standard ÖkoTex 100therefore are produced under human ecological considerations, without using any banned chemicals and no chemicals that are still allowed by law, but according to current knowledge can damage health.
Reißverschluss kürzenToo long zippers can be shortened (from above) (see picture). Cut, above the slider, the zipper a little bit longer than needed and cut with side cutters some teeth. Place the end pieces and squeeze with pliers. New upper end pieces (stopper) can be ordered in the online shop.
Not sewn zippers are, if they were fully opened, for lack of leverage very difficult to mount again (so that both sides are flush below). To facilitate the zipper tape can be held with a pair of pliers (as a lever).

note that differences in color are inevitable due to the screen display. We would be happy to send color cards free of charge. To facilitate choosing the right color of
zipper  for the selected sewing yarn, you can be guided by the color names.

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